Get Your Best Finishing Wooden Floor by Reading Bona Traffic HD Reviews

You wooden floor might be derived from trees which weathered rain, wind and even snow. So, this is also important to get best finishing in order protecting your natural wood flooring from any element inside your house every day. If you need recommendation, then you can consider purchasing Bone Traffic after you read bona traffic hd reviews. When you are choosing right finishing, then you can enhance texture and color of your hardwood colors, however this is also depending what type that you choose. This is because every finishing has benefits and downsides, so this is important to choose a right one.

Bona Traffic Hd Reviews
Bona Traffic Hd Reviews

Bona Traffic is really high quality standard that you can consider, many people even claimed that this is the best among the best. So, this is also highly recommended if you have a plan to use the water borne poly in your floors. Bona Traffic is been formulated to withstand of heavy foot traffic and commercial use, then you can imagine how it works on your house. But, many people do not know that there are 2 versions of this product, they are: Bona Traffic HD (Heavy Duty) and Bona Traffic. However there are several differences between Bona Traffic HD and Bona Traffic, however you should know that Bona Traffic HD is higher version of this product, so it can do better in many ways:

  • If you sensitive with its odor, then you can choose Bona Traffic HD which is less odor. This is also bringsbenefit for you and family. This is not only less odor, but also the odor can disappear faster so you are able to back in sooner as well.
  • It only contains 40% fewer of VOC, even the basic Bona Traffic has lower VOC, however this HD version even getting lower and better.
  • Of course, Bona Traffic HD is faster and longer durable. It only needs 2-3 hours for the drying process. However, keep in mind that this is recommended if you stayoff your floors, at least 24 hours. In this point, you will get harder and longer durable wooden floor. You should know that every hour in the first 24 hours can make great differences. The sheen levels in Bona Traffic HD is available in many options, they are: Satin, Extra Matte and Semi Gloss finishing. You can get more information by reading other bona traffic hd reviews.