DIY Project: Build 12 Foot Farm Table

We know that farmhouse house style become hot topic in recent years. Even there are many people who live in urban sites try to decorate their house with this style. This is because of housefarm style bring warmer nuance in any house. Even farmhouse tables are so rustic, show you with simple things but still provide elegance touch which is also big enough for your family. You can add primitive nuance in your DIY project of 12 foot farm table. The project is not that complicated and can be finished less than a week. Of course, you need have basic skill of carpentry is all that you need most, if you have old wood then you can use it to add more characters.

12 Foot Farm Table
12 Foot Farm Table

How to Build A 12 Foot Farm Table?

Step 1

You are able to cut the two of four boards into 40 inches. Then you can cut two of them at 1 by 6 and by 12 foot of boars along with length at 136 inches.

Step 2

Then you are able to place your cut boards in order to make the base for tabletop first. Place two boards 40 inches inside of longer other boards for the frame sides. Start screwing them through the outside of boards by using 2 screws in each corner.

Step 3

Then you can start to cut 11 pieces at 2 by 2 along with 40 inches each. Then you can set these frames between the longer sides at 12 inches. You should have shorter distance between the end of table and supports. Start screwing from the outside toward end of every support.

Step 4

Mark both of ends in shorter frame then you can put these first two tabletops. You can use 12 foot boards for the top boards, then screwing them on the surface or under wood.

Step 5

Then you can put the rest boards by adding them in each of the first two before, until all of them were been took at the place properly.

Step 6

Then you turn over this tabletop in order to secure the tabletop boards by screwing them.

Step 7

Then you can start to secure the table legs still in upside down position. Even you are able to use any design of table legs that you can purchase at home supply shops. Finally you can sand this table and use good finishing as you want.