Colors that Go With Plum

The color plum comes from the fruit of the same name, and if you are looking for an information that can help you find the colors that go with plum, you are fortunate to have stumbled upon this piece of information. In this article here, I am going to relay some information about the color plum itself and will perhaps give you some hints here and there about the colors that can go with a plum dress.

Colors That Go With Plum
Colors That Go With Plum

Just like lavender, the color plum is a strong color. It will be hard for you to find the right color that will empower the plum itself. Instead of empowering the plum, any other colors will only ‘lose’ to the plum and will make your getup even harder to the eyes. It is a color that cannot be combined with many colors safe for a few, which makes this color a hard combination option.

That does not mean that there are no colors that you can combine with it. If you look harder and you experiment further, there are certain colors that can bring out the plum color while not getting entirely overpowered by the latter. These colors will be the main topic of today’s article, so let us start with the first color in mind.

Colors That Go with Plum Dress

The first color that comes to mind is green. Plum and green, although they might not sound good in theory, works a bit like a nice contrast. The plum will contrast the green and vice versa, making the combination not quite good but it will not be bad as well. The color green is a bit eye-catching though, so be careful that you do not attract any unwanted attention from your peers.

The second nice color to choose is white. I do not know why, but white is near to perfect with almost every colors. It will be simple, all the while not too attracting to the others. It is simple and clean, just like anything that is combined with white. It is one of the perfect colors that go with plum.

Last but not least are colors that are close to your skin tone. If you are a bit lighter on the complexion, nothing is wrong with finding a white or cream like color to complement your plum dress. If you are a bit darker, then finding a dark color can and will always improve the plum color and can even make you look even more pronounced.

Those colors I listed above are the colors that go with plum and should always be put in consideration when you are going to wear a plum dress to an event or two.