Colors that Go With Edgecomb Gray

If you are looking for an article that will point you to the colors that go with edgecomb gray, then you have come to the right place. I, the brooding color maestro, will tell you about this particular color that will pull many grey lovers to the centrum. Like my other articles, I want to talk about the color edgecomb gray itself before we can even consider the colors that will go perfect with it.

Colors That Go With Edgecomb Gray
Colors That Go With Edgecomb Gray

The color gray (or grey, however you spell it, I do not care as long as it points to the same color (or colour?)) is a bit of an odd one. It is not quite as white, yet it is not as quite as black. It is a combination of two things that contrast with each other, hence making it an odd duck in the world of colors. However, there are lots of odd ducks in the color world, so the color gray is not the only one of its kind. In fact, it is the odd ducks that will often bring many variations to the table, so being an odd duck is not a weird thing if you are a color.

Okay, I am not going to continue with the odd duck thing. Let us begin with the science of gray.

The color gray is a transitive color that is not quite right nor it is quite wrong. It is the balance between the light side and the dark side. The edgecomb gray, the gray that we are talking about today, is a bit on the light side (but it still not white or a variant of white). Even though it is lighter compared to the other grays out there, it is still a gray, so the rule of the thumb still applies with edgecomb gray.

Paint Colors That Go with Edgecomb Gray

I can list you all of the colors that go with edgecomb gray, but such list will be a boring one, right?

What I am going to tell you about this particular color is this: edgecomb gray thrives when partnered with a darker color that will contrast it. Navy blue and many other darker blues can work wonders when partnered with an edgecomb gray. Not only will it bring out the balance (because edgecomb gray is a bit on the light side, of course), it will bring the colours out, showering the painted room with personalities you thought you cannot get from a room. Darker colors that go with edgecomb gray is abundant in numbers; you just have to experiment with them all.