Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Solutions Work Best in The Bathroom

Many people look for clawfoot tub shower curtain solutions since all traditional curtains available in the market unlikely to fit this type of tub. To give the privacy, you need type of curtain which can cover around the tub to avoid water to drop down and make floor slippery or make the side wall wet. No longer placed as the characteristic of Victorian-style, clawfoot tub now becomes focal point of modern to eclectic bathroom. Due to its fashionable and luxurious look, the price of clawfoot tub is pretty expensive which lead people exposed it and not cover it with curtains. However, this can be a problem when there is a guest who wants to use it since he need privacy. So, what kind of curtain which is perfect for clawfoot tub?

Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Solutions
Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Solutions

Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Liner Solution

Since clawfoot tub is quite different with common bathtubs, material and style become important considerations when choosing the best curtain solution for it. The majority of clawfoot tub in traditional setting are equipped with shower curtains hung on the wall, mounted on the ceiling, and commonly has oval rod. It does not mean that you need to apply those old rules, too. You can create something different with your creativity and make it more flexible. For instance, you can use ceiling-mounted curtain track for extra privacy. Changing the curtain options into tracks will make you able to choose the curtain easier instead of being limited on location by the rod. Hang a nylon liner inside the rim to prevent water spills and use floor-length decorative curtain outside the tub. The curtain also can be used as virtual wall or partition in the bathroom which can be pulled there is no someone who take a bath. Hence, when it is not used, you still can make clawfoot tub as the focal point of the bathroom.

Some people might prefer following traditional rules by using wall-mounted rod. If so, you can do some modification by using ceiling-mounted track and cublicle curtains. This type of curtain can be order with translucent mesh on the top twenty inches of the panel. This curtain comes in various kinds of fabrics and colours. It is also completed with different features such as antimicrobial treatment, stain resistant, and light covering. Overall, using cubicle curtains serve as fashionable clawfoot tub curtain solutions for you who want to keep preserving its traditional vibe in the bathroom.