Choose Your New 12 Inch Depth Microwave

A microwave is one of the most important of kitchen appliance that you are also considering most. They were made to make your live easier by shortening your cook times as well. Microwave can make your frozen food become easier to be warmed up fast. However there are several things that you should know because there are many options and features available, so you can choose your best 12 inch depth microwave for you kitchen.

12 Inch Depth Microwave
12 Inch Depth Microwave

Can I Get12 Inch Depth Microwave Over Range?

The over range microwaves usually around 15 to 16 inches of depth, while in the upper kitchen cabinets that they were typically installed around 12 inches of depth. So if you have deeper size than normal cabinets, it might possible that your microwave will stay out of cabinets. This is makes sense that the smaller of cabinet depth, the harder to be kept out your microwave from staying out. Therefore, this is highly recommended to choose a depth around 12 inches, however this type might be harder to be found as well.

There are several types of microwave, they are:

Countertop microwave

It will be placed directly to the counter. If you have limited space, then you can consider buying microwave with smaller capacity, then your kitchen carts also can provide you with extra storage for microwave as well.

Over the range microwave

This over range microwave is mounted directly in your kitchen cabinets. if you have cabinet which provides you with space for microwave, then this is can be your best option. You will save up more space by using this microwave as well. There are several over range microwaves are provide you with venting system at the bottom, as well. So you add other versatile appliance in your kitchen.

Compact microwaves

This is the smallest microwave that you can consider which is also called as portable microwave. Compact microwave is so popular and perfectly match for small apartments or dorms as well. You can tell compact microwave is its size no more than 18 inches of wider, around 14 inches or less for depth and no more than 12 inches of tall as well.

When you choose a new microwave then you can consider other features, such as: convenience, noise, quality components and turntable features as well. You can look for more time saving features that you can use for popular meals, such as: popcorn or potatoes.