Cheapest Way to Make a Patio With Framed Roof

Giving an additional floor in the garden can make an instant space to do various activities so that many people like to know the cheapest way to make a patio. Through this extra space in your outdoor area, you can get perfect setting to enjoy coffee in the morning, reading a book, or just chatting with other family member. However, it can be a problem when rain comes so that it needs some shade or roof for upper protection. If you want to go with cheap option, you can try using framed roof with asphalt shingles. This roof option is not only affordable but also quite easy to install.

Cheapest Way To Make A Patio
Cheapest Way To Make A Patio

Cheapest Way To Make A Patio Roof

First, create mark at each corner around 6 inches from the edges as locations to install the posts of roof and set the post base connectors on them. Then, mark the location for expansion bolts on the concrete using connectors’ holes. Drill those locations in half inch diameter and 3 inch depth. Set post base connectors above the holes and secure it with the concrete anchor bolts. Cut the posts so that they can cover 4×4 lumber and look on what direction you would like to cover. After that, install 4×4 posts in the post base connectors. Ensure the verticality, fasten them using included hardware, and brace them temporarily.

You need to cut four pieces of 2×6 lumber with the length of each sides of the finished patio covering and add each of them with 4 inches. Set them in rectangle to create the frame. Line them in the patio like how you will raise them. Cut the ends of beams to make the roof slope and let the edges to be purged with the post edges and secure them with wood screws. Drill two and a half inch holes through each post. Then drill one and a half inch down from the top post and 3 inches through its center. Drill the holes on 2×6 beams so that they will arrange when the frame is raised. Ask help from other people to raise the frame into its place. Insert 6 inches bolt into the beam and posts and fasten them to make the frame more secured.

Screw interior joists hangers every 16 inches on the center of frame. Then, cut 2×4 lumber so that its size suit the interior joists and put it in joist hangers and fasten using screws. Deck the covering with 5/8 inch plywood sheathing and screw it into both frame and joists Spread two layers of roofing to cover the decking and finish it with roofing tacks. Use asphalt shingles to shingle the roof and complete the steps of cheapest ways to make a patio with covering by sealing the posts based on your preference.