Best Couch For Cat Owners: Understanding the Best Material

Finding the best couch for cat owners is apparently not as easy as one would think. Especially when you have zero knowledge on the type of scratch-proof material for your upholstered furniture. Fortunately for you, we will walk you through the process to understand what to look for in a couch and other types of upholstered furniture for a home with cats.

Best Couch For Cat Owners
Best Couch For Cat Owners

Best Couch Material For Cat Owners

It is undeniable that cats make a wonderful companion. They may be fierce and extremely independent in nature, but behind their aloof exterior is a loving and goofy creature that makes for a great partner in your otherwise dull life. However, this does not come without an issue. Being a hunter by nature, it is obvious that the natural instinct of your cat is to climb, leap, perch and scratch. See the glaring issue here?

While you may not bat an eye when their needs to run amok and randomly leap, climb or perch come out of the blue. But the moment they start scratching the surfaces of your lovely furniture, you know you have a huge problem to address. Many homeowners would install a scratch post to accommodate their feline’s needs, but being a cat, you’ll find that it doesn’t stop them from scratching other things in the room.

In the beginning, many homeowners would think that leather upholstery is the answer to a myriad of issues related to your cat. But while fur doesn’t stick to it and urine or vomit can easily be cleaned, leather couch is prone to puncture and the next thing you know, you have a large hole that looks concerning. If leather is not the remedy, what is the best couch for cat owners?

Tips on choosing scratch resistant couch

When choosing for a puncture and scratch resistant material for your coach, microfiber fabrics are your best friend. Yes, this fine polyester with nylon threads are proven to be a great option simply because its ultra-tiny fibers bond together making it spill and stain-resistant. Not only that, the density of this type of material also has the ability to withstand even the most abusive scratching and clawing of our fierce cats.

Fortunately for us, this type of material has been commonly used by many manufacturers on chairs, couch, and other types of upholstery. However, it’s worth noting that when you are on the market for your next couch, be sure to understand the many aliases of microfiber as to not get confused. Some best couch for cat owners list the material as either microsuede or ultrasuede.